Capture the holiday spirit with our magical reindeer:† But hurry, donít let them get away!† Available dates are filling up fast.†


Make your event the most memorable ever with

live reindeer.† These magical creatures have become

synonymous with the holidays, yet few people have ever seen a live reindeer

and some donít even know they exist!


Live Reindeer are a real

attention getter.† Whether you are planning a party, tree

lighting, parade, civic,

corporate, community event or promoting a shopping mall or Christmas tree lot,

donít forget the reindeer!† They will give each guest a once in a lifetime memory they will talk about all year long!.


Is your event complete without live reindeer?





Why Reindeer?

Phone: 661-809-3965



Face it!† Itís just not the same.† Santa does not travel by car, bike, balloon, orÖ.?

He travels by


Without reindeer, Santa is just a fat man in a red suit!

Bell, the reindeer, is in full christmas attire with a garland of green in her antlers

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